Health Safety Environment

Our Commitment to HSE

Gorn Limited has a strong belief that people and the environment are two of the most important resources in our world. Gorn aggressively pursues these issues and protects the environment at all costs as well as ensuring that our staff are both mentally and physically healthy at all times. Gorn is committed to the following:

  • Understanding, obeying and respecting the laws and regulations of the countries where we trade and operate in and fully respecting local customs, traditions and beliefs.
  • Emphasizing the utmost importance to personal safety and taking adequate precautions to minimize risk to our team and mitigate hazards to our environment.
  • Protecting the environment by utilizing safe and modern trade practices.
  • Continuously monitoring and improving our HSE management in all aspects of our business and reinforcing HSE training to establish and maintain an excellent HSE culture within our business and to subcontractors we employ.
  • Consistency in our HSE beliefs and concepts in all aspects of our business.

Our HSE Beliefs and Concepts

  • Making people, safety and the environment our number one priority.
  • All accidents are avoidable. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
  • All HSE performance is determined by our responsibility, design quality and most importantly, prevention.

Our HSE Objective

  • Zero accidents, zero injuries and zero pollution to achieve the ultimate HSE performance worldwide.